Bags and Kikay Geeks

I don’t know about other kikay geeks, but this particular kikay geek has one motto when it comes to aesthetics: form follows function. Maybe others would care about LVs and Pradas more. My priority is a bag’s ability to carry all my gadgets — short of having me bring everything but the kitchen sink. Of course, being kikay means I also want my functional bags to look good. It really gets depressing when I super love my outfit, only to have the entire ensemble destroyed by my trusty backpacks (you’ll see what I mean when you check out what I wear during exhibit visits). My sister Alex, a stylist, keeps complaining every time: “Ate, ano ba! Why do you keep ruining a potentially creative look with those ghastly things???”

Um…I don’t want to end up with scoliosis?

There are only two brands of bags I can actually have a relationship with: Jansport and Samsonite. Both are highly functional but not very pretty. Samsonite used to have a collection for fashionable ladies. Used to. I guess they decided that fashion isn’t their forte. *Sigh*

A few days ago, I was desperately looking for decent Jansports and Samsonites that would correspond to the kikay in me. It turns out that many SM bags are on sale (and the sale is ongoing until tomorrow). I saw these little pretties while I was passing by:

Based on my experience, regular SM bags aren’t very tough. They also aren’t especially good at carrying heavy gadgetry. This is the first time I’ve bought Belladonnas, though, so who knows?

The kikay couldn’t resist, since it responded to two magic words: “sale” and “cute”. Ah, but there’s something in it for the geek because this:

Can turn into this:

And this:

Can turn into this:

I just can’t guarantee how long they’ll last, but since they’re on sale, I don’t think I’ll feel too bad if they do give out within a month. In the meantime, I’m praying Samsonite would come to their senses and re-release this style:

It seems only my colleague, film producer Arleen Cuevas, was lucky enough to own one. When I saw her sporting the very bag I drooled over (a brown version of the one pictured above), I wanted to weep.

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