Eclipse (2010 Movie)

Eclipse is definitely not the best of the trilogy (I prefer the first), but only because no amount of sap-trimming could make this less painful than it already is. It’s a good thing there were a lot of fun moments, most of them composed of Jacob’s comeback remarks.

In all fairness, haters may not believe this (preferring to hate blindly), but all the Twilight movies are actually tons better than their written counterparts. With the films, I don”t have to deal with 15 pages worth of Edward’s description inserted every 5 pages or so. Since I don’t believe in hating blindly (because I consider myself a scholarly person), I prepared myself well for the theater torture. Yup, this is a lot more cringe-inducing than the last two.

Anyhoo, here is how I summarize my viewing experience.

Good points. The first Twilight movie did not show anything about Alice’s past, which was the only thing that was remotely interesting in the book. Eclipse, however, delved into Rosalie’s and Jasper’s histories. I wish they could’ve been more dramatic with Rosalie’s telling, though.

Bad points: I don’t know if the cinema chopped off huge chunks of scenes because most of the storytelling felt staggered, including Rosalie’s flashbacks. I also wish they completed the Quileute tribe’s history. Many of the important details have been left out.

What-the-heck points: I think Edward and Jacob would make a good couple. That tent scene sure was intense! Ok, I’m dodging rotten tomatoes from fans now…

Anyhoo, I thought the inanity would end with this movie, but according to my Plurk buddies, it’s been decided that Breaking Dawn (the 4th book and also the most disgusting of the bunch) will be broken down into two parts. NOOOOOOO!

SIDE NOTE: In hindsight, If there’s one thing I’d be thankful to author Stephanie Meyer for, it would be the fact that she got the youngsters to read. I thought literacy is dying. I grudgingly acknowledge that she may have helped save it.


  1. Gela

    July 8, 2010 at 3:19 pm

    I so agree! The tent scene was yet another obvious 'Brokeback' replay. I loved how they delved into Rosalie's and Jasper's histories, that was genius. But then again, they didn't go all out on it. Would've been more interesting than the boring love triangle story. Jacob's character is just plain selfish and Bella, well.. ang landi niya sa kasukdulan! Haha 😉

  2. skysenshi

    July 8, 2010 at 10:49 pm

    Jacob is young kasi eh, haha!

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