Kikay Geek Alert: Danica McKellar

Do you remember Winnie Cooper, that fresh faced pre-teen who captured Kevin Arnold’s heart in The Wonder Years?  I was about a couple of years younger than the cast and many of us pre-teens during that time were addicted to the TV show’s narration of adolescent turmoil.  Well, the girl who played Winne is Danica McKellar and she remained baby-faced for a long long long time…

Before and after photos…

I lost track of Hollywood news after the show ended, since I started heavily videogaming after that.  Even today, my TV is not connected to any other cable besides that of my PS2’s.  So I was quite happy to find her photos while I was randomly surfing the net one day.

What shocked me next was not that her face had finally matured and that she had many racy photos scattered all over the internet (they are smokin’, I tell ya). Child actresses normally go through the sexy route once they’ve come of age.  What actually had me wide-eyed with wonder were these facts:

  The message is: Women can both be hot and smart.

It’s great to know that pretty baby Danica McKellar will be remembered for her efforts in helping middle-school girls develop their math skills. I like that she’s boosting the morale of young women so they can overcome their fear of a very useful subject. Truly a woman of substance.

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  1. Mia

    April 13, 2011 at 12:14 am

    Oliver's gonna like this!

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