UP Saga 5-7: The Cheese Stands Alone…?

Last year, there were 5 PhD applicants.

The youngest, who was 23, failed the entrance…making me the youngest in my batch.

Milflor, being a full-time student (a DOST scholar and on work leave for 3 years) has already finished her course work. She took 12 units per sem and is now on her way to her comprehensive exam and dissertation. So even though she’s my batch mate, she is now considered an upperclassman.

Jane tried taking 12 units while doing full-time work. It drove her nuts. She dropped out.

Chitchat took a full-time job recently. She would consistently take 9 units, like me. That was for the last 2 semesters. But she said she will take 6 units next sem as the professional work load is beating her down.  She also started coming in late and sometimes couldn’t make it for class. Huhuhuhu!

I’ve been a full-time APC employee since I entered PhD studies. It was a result of a deal I made with Gerard: they pay for my tuition, I will go full-time. Honestly, it’s killing me. But I consistently take 9 units of course work every semester, while balancing my duties in APC.  UP-PhD makes my master’s studies seem like nursery school. In fact, I feel like I’m back to my UP undergrad studies (I still have no idea how I graduated on time as my first bachelor’s degree was research based). Social life? What social life?

I just finished my proposal and presentation for COMM310 and I have no one to talk to about it because I was the only one who chose Experiments as a method. Too scientific that even I got confused. Single-blind or double-blind? Should I use random assignment or separate the sampled groups?

I’m also dreading the thought that we all (including the newer batches) failed in the qualifying exams.  Out of a thousand theories we had to study, the ones that we didn’t cover were the ones that were asked.  Couple that with the fact that my ADHD — just as I feared — activated in the middle of the exam. The Chairman caught me playing Spider Solitaire. He thought I was done but I told him my brain needed a quick distraction because it felt like it was being squeezed so thoroughly of information. So really…I don’t know if I’m going to make it to the last 18 units of my course work.

If I’m the only one left in my batch…well, the cheese stands alone. T.T  Truth be told, the only thing that keeps me hanging on, despite the hopelessness of the situation, is my fighting spirit.

dementedchris wrote on Oct 8, ’09
Go, Bea! Kayang-kaya mo yan!

hyacynth wrote on Oct 8, ’09
^_^ I agree! Kayang kaya mo yan!

skysenshi wrote on Oct 8, ’09, edited on Oct 8, ’09
hehe, thanks, guys!
ang kapal nga ng mukha ko, di pa ako sure kung pumasa ako ng quali nagpe-pre-enlist na ako at nagpepetition ng electives (electives na lang kasi kulang ko eh). hahahaha!

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