UP Saga 5-6: PhD qualifying exam will still take place but if you want to volunteer for Ondoy victims…

Here’s the schedule I got from my sisters in UP-CSWCD:

1. sept 30 – oct 3 – collection of goods; (nasa sulat ang mga ilalagay natin sa bawat timba)
2. oct 2 – 3: sorting, packing (kailangan natin ng mga volunteers dito)
3. oct 4: distribution – pupunta tayo sa banaba high school, subukan natin makarating doon ng mga 9AM.

Planning to help out after my exams, since UP has become a refugee center. You can join me if you want. Though the exam will be from 9AM to 4PM. Gad. I can’t even concentrate on studying. Bahala na si Batman.

skysenshi wrote on Sep 30, ’09
TO ALL THOSE DONATING TO POST ONDOY RELIEF OPERATIONS – Please include sanitary napkins, women’s underclothes and infant milk in your donations. Women and children have special needs that are often forgotten in disaster situations. Thank you very much; please pass and repost.

jvlapa wrote on Sep 30, ’09
We have clothes at home for donation. Where do we deposit them?

skysenshi wrote on Sep 30, ’09
jvlapa said

We have clothes at home for donation. Where do we deposit them? 

The nearest to you, ma, is APC. UP is too far away, but we’re doing a class project for the relief at the UP-CSWD

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