Baguio 2009 (Day 1)

Too lazy to do a write-up. LOL.

Slept at Cris’s house the night before. Had a really stressful morning. Nature didn’t want to call anyone. We were also feeling lazy…the house has that effect. It rained when we arrived in Baguio later that afternoon. Wasn’t able to do much except pig out.

Was so hungry, I could eat anyone. On our first day in Baguio, we immediately looked for Don Henrico’s and ate till we couldn’t move.

Me, Cris, Barbs, Luna, Lei, JC, Cham

 A very eerie looking Jollibee (feeling Hollywood) sign greeted us…

Huuuuuuge pizza!!!

Yummy cheese sticks!


Lei, relaxing with strawberry taho. It’s the first time I’ve tasted this variant.

Not much to do since we got to Baguio late in the afternoon.

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