DIGIMED Field Trip 1: Ayala Museum and Timezone

DIGIMED Class. After our sharing of ideas and a brief lecture on pragmatism, naturalism and aesthetics, we headed to Ayala Museum to see works by Amorsolo and Zobel. We also enjoyed the Dioramas…I just felt so small when I stood by Rizal and realized he was taller than me. Wah!

After picking up inspirational stuff from Ayala Museum, we headed straight for Timezone. I got Ferds, Mauwi, April…AND RED on the DDR. Wahahahaha! I never thought I could get him on it but he relented after a bit of pressure.

(I actually wanted photos of Ayala Museum, but, as with other museums and cultural centers like CCP, cameras are off-limits.)

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    June 30, 2010 at 3:37 pm

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