Krispy Kreme Tour (

Another last minute meet-up, but as usual, when Summit Publishing comes up with things like these…they make sure it’s really worth your while. I thought I wouldn’t be able to make it in time since the meet was at 5.30PM and Nicco picked me up at around 6.20PM (my official time off at work on Thursdays is 6PM).

I was allowed to take pics during the tour except for the time they showed us some really nifty (and highly proprietary) parts of the process. Took home lots of free doughnuts. As in, 12 each for Nicco and me. Ate a couple more each — they let us try the new Reese’s flavor (again, for free). Gad, I love KK doughnuts, especially when paired with their brewed coffee.

These are just lovely!
This is how they’re decorated.
She explains the process.

The funny thing is, one of the KK people recognized Nicco. She was like, “Hey, are you Nicco Mapua? I graduated from Mapua!” Got more freebies after that. Hahahaha! So I kinda left them to reminisce about the old days while Rowena and I did some catching up.

Ok, this is what I don’t like when a tall dude takes your photo — your legs look shorter than they already are.  Nicco is 6’3″.

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