Nega-Buster…I hope…(Anthony de Mello)

2008 opened with me being in such a negative mood. Stress-related?  The littlest things annoy me now, which is funny because my sister used to complain about how tolerant I am…and about how psychos are always around me because I’m too gullible.

Well, in 2008, I began biting the heads off people — psycho or not.  And I don’t understand why I have such a short fuse lately.  I normally don’t get into religious arguments, but I did.  And January has yet to end when I’ve already posted TWO heated journal entries. Wow.

So anyhoo…Nicco and I went to our usual hangout, Fully Booked, and I found myself asking customer service about Anthony de Mello, a Jesuit priest and a psychotherapist who died in 1987. I used to read his book One Minute Wisdom back in the 90s (my parents have tons of religious reading materials) and Sir Andy (Bocz) re-introduced him via his blog.  Why I like this dude?  He’s one of those rare deeply religious and insightful priests, who were actually fond of using their  common sense.  Proof of this is how Pope Benedict XVI condemns his works.  (Sorry, but I was rooting for Cardinal Godfried Danneels to continue my beloved Pope JP2’s legacy and I was kinda disappointed when a man from the dark ages took over.)

I digress (and starting to get nega again).  I went and bought Awakening: Conversations with the Masters, since my parents already owned One Minute Wisdom. When I started re-reading de Mello’s works, I slowly began feeling better.  Nicco said I shouldn’t read his stuff because it might cause me to become more insolent and pilosopo than I already am.  But trust me, it’s easy-reading.  The only way you’ll actually find it offensive is if you have a huge stick stuck up your…

Ok. Enough with the anger. (I’m trying to control it, I swear! I bought Awakening for that reason!) Hehe. On with the reading.  I’ll schedule for a full-blown review once I’ve finished the book.

You can read excerpts from the book HERE.

COMMENTS from the old blog: 

jamnation wrote on Jan 20, ’08

skysenshi wrote on Jan 20, ’08


ahh! i just found a couple of his essays that are applicable to me:
Are You Sleepwalking?
Is It Real — Or Just Your Ego?

drewbocz wrote on Jan 21, ’08
Hmmm…I don’t think I have this one. 🙂

skysenshi wrote on Jan 21, ’08

i read it before i go to sleep. hehe. it’s nice, although they’re right about letting things sink. medyo matagal in some pages. haha.

bluepiranha wrote on Jan 22, ’08
Okey lang yan…gayahin mo yung sa Bad Boys II…”woooosahhh” :p

Anyway please visit my blog, I’ve left a meme for you. 🙂

skysenshi wrote on Jan 22, ’08
huwah! 7 things…nakakatamad sumagot. hahaha! sige pag ready na ako.


  1. Zerah Mercado

    May 9, 2011 at 5:09 pm

    Please do check out Philip Yancey– and Max Lucado too..

  2. skysenshi

    May 11, 2011 at 1:18 pm

    Sure! I'll look em up when I have a budget for books again. Thanks, Zerah! Miss you, girl. 🙂

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