When you’re in love with an effeminate man, who likes a MANLY girl…

Oooooooh! I can’t believe I found this video in YouTube! I recognize this from the 10th Anniversary celebration of Les Miserables, which I taped back in the 90s. The tape is long gone, but YouTube came to the rescue.

Anyhoo…this particular song was about Eponine, Marius and Cosette. I never noticed this before but…Forgive me if I don’t see why pretty Eponine (and she’s still pretty despite the dirt on her face) is so hung-up over an effeminate and chunky (albeit sweet) dude, who’s in love with a girl that looks like A MAN. (She actually looks like Seinfeld.)

90s make-up…I never realized how bad it was. XD

This number is a keeper, though…

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