Cookie in All That Dance

Gome ne! Taken with Nicco’s Ericsson Phone Cam. I only did very minor editing (fade outs) with iMovie. It’s not like there’s much to edit anyway. Can’t really do magic with the phone cam’s limitations. And this was stolen. The guards confiscated anything that can take videos at the entrance.

The pictures we took were so small that Nicco decided to take videos instead. The quality is still super blurred, but at least they don’t look like colored dots anymore.

Anyway, this was how some of our conversation went:

Nicco: How would we know who your student is?
Me: You can’t miss her. She’s probably the only one here who’s true to her roots.
Nicco: Huh?
Me: She still has a full head of curly hair and she hasn’t rebonded a single strand.
Nicco: How come you won’t go back to your naturally curly hair??

Thus begins a long argument. And throughout the entire show, I swear I had brought Simon Cowell along with me. Hayz. Remind me never to bring a code monkey to anything remotely artistic. XD

Anyhoo. I learned a lot about dancing as a group that night. One is that you can have a lot of really talented dancers in a group but very few groups have the chemistry that can hack it. Some were too self-conscious, some looked like they’d rather be anywhere but onstage, and some looked like they totally did not belong onstage. Like, ya know, they love dancing but dancing does not like them back.

There were a few groups that really had me riveted, though. Some of them, despite having different dance moves for each individual within the group, really have chemistry. It’s fascinating. I liked the chemistry exhibited by the All Stars (it’s said that they’re defending their world title in California around these times), Cookie’s group (and I’m not just saying that because she’s my student), that breakdance group that only had one girl, and that pair that did a lot of Latin dances. My only gripe about the Latin numbers was that the best female dancer there wore jeans. If she had worn a flowing skirt, her fluid movement could have been further emphasized. And man! The males are all unbelievably confident and talented! I can’t believe that a lot of them actually upstaged the women!


  1. Cookie Fajardo

    June 3, 2007 at 2:24 pm

    nyahahahahahaha! salamat po pumunta kayo! pasensya mejo ngarag (ngay-rag) ako that night, twas my performance after 4mos na walang sayaw. =)

  2. Bea Lapa

    June 4, 2007 at 8:04 am

    ok ka naman sumayaw ah! tsaka mabuti kulot ka pa rin, pansin na pansin ka.

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