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 As always, whenever I spend a weekend at my parents’ place, I discover something new from my mom’s kikay corner. The loot: Clarins day and night creams. I noticed, before going to Singapore, that my pores tightened considerably and my cheeks felt really smooth. So I promised myself that I’d go and raid Rustan’s as soon as I got back (although I should’ve shopped at Singapore’s Shu Uemura because these babies cost twice as much in the Philippines). I did kind of cringe, however, when my mom told me that each of those jars cost PhP5,000.

Anyhoo, since I think I’m now sporting a new tan–thanks to Leia’s tanning spray, which I used in our Laguna trip a couple of days ago–I thought I should try some new products that might make the golden glow much more noticeable. (Because I don’t think it was too obvious that I baked myself.)
So off to Rustan’s I went!

First stop was Origins. I heard about this product from my friend Rowena; she says it’s the secret to her youthful glow. The sales girl first gave me 2 cream bottles, one for day and one for night. I asked her about the tea cream that Rowena told me about and she gave me that jar instead, telling me that it’s already good for both AM and PM. She also gave me two samples of some pore-tightening serum. I was like, “W00t! Freebies! Coolness!”

Next stop was Clarins. By this time, I had borrowed an Origins basket for my stuff that the Origins girl was carrying. I thought I’d try the concealer because I saw it featured in Marie Claire and thought it was high time I used concealers. After buying that, the grinning Clarins lady gave me one sample of their pore minimizing serum and one sample of their pure and and radiant facial mask. More freebies! The Origins lady laughed and said that I’d probably end up with ultra-tight pores after all this.

Last stop was Shu Uemura. I wanted to experiment with my lashes so I thought I’d buy a mascara and their famed eyelash curler. As soon as I dropped by their counter and asked for the lash curler, the Shu dude (I’m not sure what to call him since he’s gay) told me that they had a promo. It’s a special box that contains the eyelash curler, mascara, foundation, and four small bottles of cleansing oil. He also initially asked if I needed length or volume, but after looking closely at my eyes, he concluded that I need only volume because my lashes were already long. I only really wanted the mascara and the curler, but I think, being in a country where Shu Uemura products are priced like highway robbery, I got a steal.

I was expecting to spend about PhP15,000 for that shopping list, but I only ended up spending PhP9,000 and got a lot of extra goodies to boot! I had my Starbucks Planner with me while I did this and all the sales people were commenting about how organized I was. I seemed like I was doing my grocery, according to one of them. (That’s really how I shop. I already know what I want so I don’t go around trying stuff I have no intention of buying. I think I’m a man.)
Okay, a run down of my take-home for PhP9,010.00:
1. Shu Uemura Drawing Pencil in metallic black (my old one is brownish black)
2. Shu Uemura Pressed Eyeshadow N M Yellow 350 (my old one is metallic green)
3. Shu Uemura Promo Box
– Eyelash Curler
– Precise Mascara 01 Black
– Powder Foundation Natural Glow Finish 564
– Cleansing Oil / Skin Purifier High Performance Balancing (Fresh)
– Cleansing Oil / Skin Purifier High Performance Balancing (Enriched)
– Cleansing Oil / Skin Purifier High Performance Balancing (Since 1960)
– Cleansing Oil / Skin Purifier Beauty Oil Premium A/O
4. Origins “A Perfect World” Antioxidant Moisturizer with White Tea
5. Sample Origins Modern Fusion Skin Transforming Catalyst (2 bottles)
6. Clarins Instant Light Perfect Touch 02
7. Sample Clarins Pure and Radiant Mask with Pink Clay
8. Sample Clarins Moisturizing Serum

Whew! I’m pretty happy with my purchases…um…if only I knew how to use some of them. Hahahahhaha! We’ll be having a photo shoot sometime next week anyway, and I’d probably experiment with Danica’s face. Hehe. Oh, and…working on bringing out that tan. ^_-
(NOTE: Schedule for a better pic next time. This was taken with Nicco’s phone cam on night mode. I also had a bit of problem using some of these, especially the mascara, concealer and lash curler, and kinda made a complete mess of my face when I tried. XD)

Rating: 10/10

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  1. Beatrice Margarita V. Lapa

    September 2, 2009 at 4:22 am

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    1. skysenshi says

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