Singapore Day 3: Science and Nature

Sun, May 6, 2007

Malaysia trip was cancelled due to logistical problems but I promised my Malaysian friends that I’d be visiting them come July. It’s been years since I last traveled out of the country and I’m just making the most of 2007.

Library…just passin’ through…

This is the earliest we’ve ever gotten home from touring. We only visited two places: Science Center and Chinese Garden. It was even initially ruined by cramps (due to that blasted monthly visitor that also made me look and feel really bloated) from my calves up to my lower back and tummy but I insisted on walking. The backs of my knees were actually already throbbing.

 Some quotes I find truly inspiring…

Science Center only got interesting when we got to the Nanotechnology area and i-Space. Many of the features are really for kids because they’re all basic chemistry, physics and biology. The Nanotechnology and i-Space have the most number of interactive features (yes, I’m kiddie shallow and I want electronic games). I just got a bit pissed with that Star Wars game in i-Space because it doesn’t say how to fight the final boss and he always kills me even though I’ve reached him with perfect health. I liked the Nanotechnology room for the new factoids I learned about…well, nanotechnology. Hahahaha!

This looks like something out of a Final Fantasy game…

 Face Lift.

For Chinese garden, we just let the koi hypnotize us for a bit while we waited for the sun to go down and our feet to rest amply. I noticed that whenever we visit a place with the word “China” in it, we always end up in the sweltering heat (Chinatown was hot as Hades, too!). I just wish the bonzai garden wasn’t closed. It looked really pretty and relaxing from afar. I wanted to let my feet rest there. Boohoohoo.

 Pretty bridge!

Janice waiting for her one true love. XD

Tomorrow I go home at 7AM. But before I do that…

Dear Ms. Rude and Fugly Immigrant Officer: You’re wrong. I still have about SG$150 pocket money left. And you said US$200 isn’t enough, huh?

Note: The frustrating thing about this is that I took tons of pictures and would prefer to just post ’em all because they already tell their own stories… But I don’t think I can do that here. Haha.

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