Urgent Need To Defrag

I haven’t had much sleep during this term, except on days when I’d just plop myself onto the bed right after dinner and sleep for 12 hours straight. Those days are rare.

On most days, my mind would juggle so many things…worrying over upcoming projects, worrying over my students, worrying over my colleagues, worrying over my friends, worrying over my civil case…worrying over the thought that I may not graduate. And no matter how much I want to STOP THINKINNG, I just couldn’t. Hence, when some students ask me questions about eCommerce, I give them answers related to Game Development or when a Portfolio/Exhibit student asks me about his design…my mind refuses to give me the words I need to help him fix it. In fact, when I couldn’t explain what exactly was wrong with one of my student’s concept (his 3D works are to die for, but his concept fell flat), it was another student who came up with the answer I had been dying to pull out of my noisy head. “Hindi mo forte ang Photoshop, no?” Brilliant, Lecaroz! That was what I was looking for! (This kid should teach.) From there, I told the other student that he should try to work with his strength, which is 3D. He pegged another artwork, on which he could base his work, and did something really stunning out of it.

In any case, because of this mind-juggling activity, I couldn’t sleep. So I ended up going down to the library (I’m at my parents’ place right now) only to find that my students were still trying to keep themselves awake (over YM) because the printers will open at 7AM. I actually did a bit of consultation and a lot of chika, which distracted me from my thoughts…

And I searched the “Hope, James, Kris” issue over YouTube because I seem to be the only hermit who’s not aware of what’s going on. You think I’m going to look for something cerebral or geeky? No way! My mind needs a break! I must defrag ze gray matter!

I need something mundane. Trivial. Anything that would keep me from going insane with all the cerebral activity going on!

And Hope’s kabaliwan just gave me…well…hope.


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