LJ versus Multiply

 The best thing about LJ is that I never miss a post because everyone’s post is in one page.  I’m having difficulty keeping up with my Multiply friends because I have to click each link one by one and sometimes they post too frequently that it takes about 2-3 pages more of link-clicking.  Then again, there are the posts you want to skip in Multiply, which I don’t do with LJ.  I rarely skip an LJ friend’s post even if they’re long-ish and even when I sometimes want to throw a shoe at the author (affected? mwahahahahaha!).

And when there’s not much activity on my friends’ page, I go and visit my sister’s friends’ page because there are a lot of interesting stuff to read in there. Hahahahaha!

Well, Multiply has a lot of uses, of course.  Mostly the other stuff, besides blogging, that we can easily post like photos (this is a paid service in LJ), videos, reviews and links.  But for really close family and friends whom I share my super nakakahiya private thoughts with, LJ it is.

COMMENTS from the old blog: 

daniel28 wrote on Jun 10, ’07
LJ sucks, ’nuff said ahhahaha

skysenshi wrote on Jun 10, ’07

LJ sucks, ’nuff said ahhahaha


kurayami wrote on Jun 10, ’07
I love both. They both have perks and downsides (remember LJ’s epic strikeout of massive proportions? XD). I have more audience here, but in LJ almost everyone can relate to my non-RL posts. Surprisingly, my personal stuff is in multiply and random shiznit in LJ….. ^_^

skysenshi wrote on Jun 10, ’07
i’d be too afraid to put my super personal stuff in here. i remember one time when i was posting a really confidential development with another ex crushie and it got posted to everyone in my network (even when i clicked the advanced settings)! LJ’s security settings are still top-notch.

the LJ strikeouts were really goofy. haha! i hope everyone had their blogs back. but yeah, i love them both. ^_^

1luis wrote on Jun 12, ’07
i used to abhorr these kinds of sites XD

Now, I’m a multipwet addict… Gah,… Things really DO change

Still, I’m not really a blog person, so i prefer multiply

kurayami wrote on Jun 12, ’07

LJ’s security settings are still top-notch.

I agree. I have groups for “non-CSB”, “non-anime fans” and “ELITE FANS” (aka those people who wouldn’t mind if I bash mainstream fandoms like HP and fugly Japanese boybands…. XDDD)

But doesn’t multiply have the same features? Its something like where I can pick which contact can view my entries. I had an emo post way back where I omitted close friends of some certain person.

I think they put personal journals back… however there were some communities that need to be analysed first, or so they said. I had to remove shota from my interests out of fear of getting deleted. And the drama was just SO HILARIOUS.

daniel28 wrote on Jun 12, ’07
Ms. Bea, instead of blogging so much, why not work out sa gym? hoho

skysenshi wrote on Jun 13, ’07, edited on Jun 13, ’07

Ms. Bea, instead of blogging so much, why not work out sa gym? hoho

cos writing is my main source of income and blogging is my practice. =P
gyms are full of boring routines. besides, you weigh twice as much as i do (i think you need it more).

my problem with multiply’s contact settings is that the groups are individual-oriented. meaning, even if i include a certain individual in an old group, that individual still can’t view the older posts. i have to add him/her in manually.

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